There are many reasons families choose a BASIS Charter School. There’s our college preparatory, STEM-focused K-12 liberal arts curriculum, our exceptional national and international results, rankings, and student outcomes, and the nurturing environment of our two-teacher primary school model. There’s our early foreign language instruction, our celebration of learning, and our inclusive environment and respect for individual differences – just to name a few. There are some myths out there about us, so we want you to hear directly from us why our founders started the network of BASIS Charter Schools, and why we choose BASIS for our own children:

We love nerds.1

Academics are at the center of everything we do — for kindergarteners, and high school students, and everyone in between. From coursework to extracurricular clubs and award ceremonies, every aspect of our program is grounded in academic learning and achievement.

Nerdiness is cool at our schools. We’re into books and rocket science. And economics. And history. And learning new languages. And calculus.

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We believe that school should be hard.

We believe that setting an internationally competitive academic bar is a responsibility we have to the next generation.

In our schools, students are pushed to achieve more than many believe is possible. Average students become extraordinary students when they are given the opportunity to do so.

We don’t shy away from difficult subjects and we begin teaching those subjects to students in early grades.

We believe that homework is an extension of what is being learned in the classroom. Practice helps students achieve mastery.

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We expect excellent teachers to produce excellent student outcomes.

We give smart people the freedom to teach, but we hold them accountable.

Our teachers earn autonomy and flexibility to maximize student engagement.

We believe in high-stakes exams that are written to measure mastery of the material and skills that students are taught.

We believe in alignment of incentives: we hold teachers accountable to student outcomes on the very tests that are the most meaningful to students.

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Our students are participants, not spectators, in their own education and in sculpting their futures.

We believe that achievement comes from applying oneself and overcoming personal limitations.

For anyone who is willing to work hard, we will provide an internationally competitive education with no barriers to entry: BASIS Charter Schools are high-achieving, open enrollment, tuition free public schools.

Our families also choose us because we believe that learning about and respecting a diversity of worldviews allows students to develop into thoughtful, independent global citizens.

We encourage each of our students to be true to who they uniquely are, and to, with civility, express themselves freely.

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We believe that educational success is the responsibility – and the reward – of every individual in our network.

We all work hard, all the time, to create the best schools in the known universe.

Every member of our community is an active participant in the BASIS Charter School mission, vision, and values.

Every person working on one of our campuses or offices supports students and teachers through their various duties; our mission is the driving force behind all roles.

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If you are curious as to what this looks like when it comes to life, we invite you to schedule a school tour or join an information session to see the joy and the passion for knowledge that permeates our hallways, classrooms, and campuses.

1 nerd /nərd/ noun. The BASIS definition of ‘nerd’ is a person who loves learning, wants to excel at a subject at an advanced level, is inquisitive and does not shy away from hard work. Nerds want to know how things work and why.