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BASIS Washington, D.C.!

BASIS DC opened in 2012 as the first BASIS Curriculum School outside of Arizona. Our 600 students in grades 5–12 travel from all eight Wards to our downtown campus, which is steps away from the National Mall and Smithsonian museums. Inside our school, you’ll find trophies earned by our award-winning academic and athletic teams, a rotating art gallery of student paintings, bulletin boards with math puzzles and book recommendations, and posters with reminders of our school motto: Show, Take, Make: Show Respect, Take Responsibility, and Make Improvements.

All of our success can be attributed to our incredibly hard-working students and faculty. BASIS DC students are hungry for challenge, curious about the world around them, and unafraid of the extra effort required to meet and exceed the high standards of BASIS Curriculum Schools. They are accompanied on their academic journeys by their exceptional teachers—content experts eager to inspire a love of learning as they share their passion for their subjects. The engaging lessons they develop are best appreciated by how they translate into fascinating cafeteria conversations: fifth graders discuss character development in The Odyssey, seventh graders argue about the “better” endoplasmic reticulum, ninth graders debate the merits of first derivative graphs, and eleventh graders evaluate potential bias in SAT questions. At BASIS DC, students know it’s cool to be smart, even during lunch.

BASIS DC is one of the top-performing public charter schools in the District, but we have a larger vision for our school. We aim to lead the world in the quality of the education we provide to our students; we want all of our students to be happy, healthy, and productive members of our school and community; and we want what we do to reflect strong collaboration and communication amongst all stakeholders. We are proud of how far we have already come, and we appreciate your support as we grow. We are BASIS DC, home to the Red Giants, and we shine like the stars!

School Highlights

  • The total amount of college gift aid earned by the Class of 2017 is over $700,000.
  • 2016 PCSAA middle school boys cross country team champions (Willis P., Christian R., Malcolm D., Carlos S.M., and Milo S.).
  • 2016 PCSAA middle school girls cross country third place team (Taylor K., Kayla T., Sophie M., Jaqueline A., and Nina W.).
  • 2016 PCSAA high school boys cross country third place team (Diego C.B., Nate P., James S., Cody W., and Alazar L.).
  • 2016 PCSAA high school girls cross country second place team (Chantel B., Sarah S., Mary Jane S., Sanaa S., and Jendaya W.).
  • Certamen – We finished the local and regional season at the Virginia Junior Classical League State Finals, with 10 students playing on four teams. We entered those teams on three out of the five levels of competition and won two of the three levels that we entered.

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410 8th St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20004
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