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BASIS Phoenix!

BASIS Phoenix, opened in 2012, moved into its beautiful new location in North Phoenix in 2018. Welcoming students in grades 6–12, our new campus serves approximately 785 students.

Our new campus is equipped with a full-sized gym, allowing us to host basketball and volleyball games, while still having an auditorium available for assemblies and productions. Don’t forget to check out our soccer field! Our new AP Science labs are state of the art, allowing for a hands-on educational experience; we even have a senior lounge available for senior students to use!

Our Firebirds are up to the challenge! In 2017, BASIS Phoenix was ranked #1 in the Washington Post‘s national ranking of America’s most challenging high schools and in 2018, BASIS Phoenix was listed as #14 best high school in the nation.

Since 2015, BASIS Phoenix has been proud to take part in the BASIS Diploma Senior Projects and we always look forward to seeing what our seniors have in store for us.

Our staff and students are constantly striving for excellence and aspire to be the best school in the world. Go Firebirds!


School Highlights

  • BASIS Phoenix  students earn an average of 85 percent on AP Exams, including multiple exams that received 100 percent pass rates.
  • On the OECD Test for Schools (based on PISA), BASIS Phoenix students score better than students in Shanghai-China in “Math, Reading, and Science.”
  • At the mathleague.org competition, BASIS Phoenix typically place very high.
  • Our debate team is ranked in the top 25 in Arizona.
  • Anne Levy, AP English Language Teacher, has released her second novel, The Well of Prayers.
  • Cross Country team holds CAA State Championship.
  • 100 percent of BASIS Phoenix graduates were accepted to a college or university.

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13231 N. 22nd St.
Phoenix, AZ 85022
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