BASIS Diploma
Senior Projects

The BASIS Diploma Senior Project at BASIS Phoenix is a selective program that involves an off-campus research project or internship of the students’ choosing and design. Students select a BASIS Curriculum faculty member as their advisor and work with a mentor at their selected research site. These projects may be completed anywhere in the world. At the end of the trimester, students return to campus and present an analysis of their findings to peers, staff, and parents.

BASIS Phoenix is one of 15 BASIS Curriculum Schools to participate in the 2019 BASIS Diploma Senior Project Program. To view the details of a specific project, select a student below.

BPhx SP HannahA 205x250

Hannah A.

Creating Better Tests for Infectious Diseases

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BPhx SP MayukhmaliB 205x250

Mayukhmali B.

Oh Snap: Advanced Astrophotography

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BPhx SP NicholasC 205x250

Nicholas C.

Winging It- A Study of Subsonic Aerodynamics

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BPhx SP DhrastiD 205x250

Dhrasti D.

Inclusivity in Entrepreneurship: How Network Marketing Impacts the Role of Women in Entrepreneurship

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BPhx SP SanaD 205x250

Sana D.

Jejunal Epithelial Transports in Diabetic Mice

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BPhx SP MaykaG 205x250

Mayka G.

Creation Process Of Murals And the Artists Behind Them

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BPhx SP MeghnaG 205x250

Meghna G.

Capturing Cellular Gene Expression in Mental Illness: Using an Online Database to Analyze Gene Expression Studies in Neuronal Subpopulations in Schizophrenia

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BPhx SP MaximK 205x250

Maxim K.

Exploring Creativity Through Art in Math

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BPhx SP PriyanshuK 205x250

Priyanshu K.

Gravitational Waves: A Wrinkle in Spacetime

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BPhx SP PeytonL 205x250

Peyton L.

Why Women are Still Fighting for Fundamental Rights: Protests and the Pill

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Emma M.

Experimental Film and Emerging Media

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BPhx SP LillyM 205x250

Lillian M.

A Comparative Study of the Before and After Effects of Hippotherapy On Motor Function In People With Physical Disabilities

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BPhx SP JasminM 205x250

Jasmin M.

An In depth Look at US Drug Policies Over the Past Half-century

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BPhx SP ChristopherP 205x250

Christopher P.

Drugs On Screen: Changes in United States Drug Policy as Represented in Visual Media from 1940 to the Present

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BPhx SP HaileyR 205x250

Hailey R.

Modern Slavery: The History of Sex Trafficking and Its Prevalence Today

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BPhx SP LeighannaP 205x250

Leighanna P.

Let’s Go Out to Lunch. Do You Really Mean It?: Cultural Connotations and Frustrations

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BPhx SP ShradhanjliR 205x250

Shradhanjli R.

An In-Depth Look at Prisoner Reentry in America

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BPhx SP MatthewS 205x250

Matthew S.

The Project of the Century: Looking into China's Future

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BPhx SP SamarthS 205x250

Samarth S.

Aftereffects of Galaxy Mergers

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BPhx SP CameronT 205x250

Cameron T.

Valley of the Sun: A Comparative History of Water Scarcity in the Phoenix Basin

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BPhx SP DivyaV 205x250

Divya V.

The Need for a Livable Wage: Instituting a Living Wage in Arizona

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