M. Moran

Matthew Moran

Head of School

BASIS Peoria Head of School Matt Moran has been with the BASIS Charter Schools network since 2015, when he helped open BASIS Goodyear. He served as Director of Academic Programs at both BASIS Goodyear and BASIS Phoenix Central, before moving on to become Director of Student Affairs at BASIS Phoenix.

Mr. Moran graduated with a BA in Political Science from the State University of New York College at Buffalo. He has over two decades of experience as a history teacher and an administrator, working in both New York and his native Arizona. Before joining the BASIS Charter Schools network, Mr. Moran served students in grades Pre-K–12 as a Principal, Assistant Principal, Athletic Director, IB Coordinator, and History Department Chair. He has also worked with several curricula: Advanced Placement ®, International Baccalaureate ®, and the New York State Regents.

Mr. Moran is an enthusiastic, creative, and passionate educator, mentor, and advisor, who believes that all students can learn and thrive in a stimulating and comfortable environment that is appropriate for their unique talents and abilities.

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Becky Trower

Becky Trower

Head of Operations

Becky Trower joined BASIS Peoria in 2012 as an Administrative Assistant. Before working in Operations, Mrs. Trower filled the role of a Physical Geography teacher, Auxiliary Programs Coordinator, and Director of Academic Programs. She brought with her a wealth of knowledge, having worked in numerous capacities at K–12 schools in California. She holds a BA in Anthropology and Geography from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and an MA in Middle Eastern Studies (emphasis on History and Geography) from the University of Texas, Austin. Her daughter is a 2015 BASIS Peoria graduate who now attends the University of Chicago. As Head of Operations, Mrs. Trower enjoys working closely with our staff and faculty to enhance the outstanding education offered here at BASIS Peoria.

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Brooks Charlton

Brooks Charlton

Director of Student Affairs

Mr. Charlton joined BASIS Peoria as the Dean of Students before moving into the Director of Student Affairs role. Mr. Charlton has worked with children in many different aspects from individual and group counseling to working 1:1 in the classroom setting to help students achieve success. Mr. Charlton has been an influential and consistent presence on the BASIS Peoria campus, since arriving in July of 2016. Mr. Charlton has worked to build strong relationships between students, parents, and staff. He has also, worked to maintain a positive and healthy school culture. Mr. Charlton graduated from Rocky Mountain College with a BA in Communications and has a BS in Business Administration from Grand Canyon University. Most recently he completed a Master’s degree in Licensed Counseling from Grand Canyon University.  In July of 2019, he will complete his Masters in Educational Leadership from Grand Canyon University.  Mr. Charlton is excited to continue to build and grow with BASIS Peoria and is looking forward to assisting children in achieving academic success.

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A Poggi

Aaron Poggi

Director of Academic Programs

Mr. Poggi is a dedicated educator with 18 years of experience developing results-driven curriculum and delivering enthusiastic instruction to students. As Director of Academic Programs, he welcomes any curricular or academic questions you might have. Mr. Poggi earned his BA in Human Services and his MA in Curriculum and Design at Ottawa University, and went on to teach for 16 years, mentoring new and continuing teachers, before joining BASIS Peoria as Dean of Students.

Mr. Poggi believes that all children can learn and thrive in an environment that is engaging, challenging, and stimulating to their unique talents and abilities. Dedicated to guiding students to success while inspiring an insatiable love for learning, he is committed to helping our diverse student body reach their full potential academically, socially, and emotionally.

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