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BASIS Peoria Primary!

BASIS Peoria Primary opened in 2017 to meet local demand for a primary school to prepare students for higher academic expectations.  Additionally, we added new playgrounds, larger classrooms, bathrooms in each kindergarten room, and a health office.

In our K – 4 program, students learn necessary organizational, time management, and study skills. The advanced BASIS Charter School Curriculum includes a wide array of classes including English, math and science, Mandarin, physical education (both traditional and Tae Kwon Do), music, drama, and art.

With an emphasis on low teacher-to-student ratios, academic and behavior intervention, student wellness, community interaction, and cross-curricular excellence, our staff delivers a truly exceptional educational experience. “Buzz” on by and see what being part of the “hive” is all about!

School Highlights

  • BASIS Peoria Primary consistently performs well in multiple competitions!
  • Our second grade students have won 1st in state & 14th in nation at Math Kangaroo Competition
  • Our third grade students joined MENSA, elite group comprised of members with an IQ in the top 2% of the general population
  • The Chess team earned 2nd place at Governor’s Cup, 2nd place at 2019 Queen’s Crown and 1st place in AZ Scholastic State Championship
  • Our connections class participated in a Junior Archeologist Program, sponsored by National Park Service

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25950 N. Lake Pleasant Pkwy.
Peoria, AZ 85383
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