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Senior Projects

The Senior Project at BASIS Oro Valley is a selective program that involves an off-campus research project or internship of the students’ choice and design. Students select a BASIS.ed faculty member as their advisor and work with a mentor at their selected research site. These projects may be completed anywhere in the world. At the end of the trimester, students return to campus and present an analysis of their findings to peers, staff, and parents.

BASIS Oro Valley is one of 15 BASIS charter schools participating in the 2019 BASIS.ed Senior Project Program. To view the details of a specific project, select a student below.


Maryam A

Maryam A.

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: A New Approach to Mitigating Withdraw in Newborns

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Leah C

Leah C.

Special Education Across Tucson High Schools

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Harrison D

Harrison D.

Mastering Financial Planning

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Kim D

Kim D.

Examining the 2018 Global Dust Storm on Mars from NASA's MAVEN and MRO Mission

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Jonah H

Jonah H.

A Neighborhood Approach to Civic Engagement

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Joseph H

Joseph H.

Technical Difficulties

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Anna K

Anna K.

Improving Brain Imaging Models for Ultrasound and Acoustoelectric Imaging

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Traigh K

Traigh K.

Coding a Therapeutic AI

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Daniel L

Daniel L.

Learning to Learn: An Exploration in Machine Learning

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Zachery L

Zachary L.

Railroads and Their Roles in the Southern Arizona Ecomony, Past, Present, and Future

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Bita M

Bita M.

A Behind the Scences Look Into a Child's Education

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Tyler M

Tyler M.

Forensic Fact and Fiction: Addressing Common Misconceptions of Forensic Science

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Carley N

Carley N.

"Making It" as a Professional Artist

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Jeremy N

Jeremy N.

Understanding the Skills of Personal Training

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Joy N

Joy N.

Corrosion of Metals in Water and Molten Salts

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Michael S

Michael S.

Marketing Business for the Internet of Things

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Samuel S

Samuel S.

Evaluating the Interaction of Orchid Seeds and Fungal Symbionts

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Omar S

Omar S.

Diversity in Clinical Trials: Hispanic Communities Access to Medical Care and Clinical Trials

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Joel T

Joel T.

Water Usage at the University of Arizona

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Julia W

Julia W.

The Role of DNA Resection During Collapsed Fork Rescue

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