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BASIS Oro Valley Primary!

Since first opening in 2014, BASIS Oro Valley Primary has far exceeded standards set by other primary schools throughout the country. Each day, students engage in hands-on, dynamic lessons using a rigorous curriculum with real-world applications.

The school emphasizes tolerance and understanding by incorporating social and emotional growth objectives into lessons on a weekly basis. Our hard-working and dedicated faculty and staff lead by example to instill the school’s foundational values into every aspect of the day.

We recognize the importance of unstructured play and group work in helping students learn to advocate for themselves and their ideas in compassionate ways. Students also have plenty of opportunities for independent practice with concepts to ensure comprehension. Resiliency is taught through example and by helping students learn from their mistakes.

Most importantly, we understand children are young, have missteps, do not always learn linearly, and make our jobs incredibly rewarding. We can’t wait to see what the future brings to BASIS Oro Valley Primary!

School Highlights

  • Our Chess Team earned over a dozen team trophies last year. The K–6 and K–8 teams both earned first place team trophies at the Regional Qualifier tournament. At the Regional Championship, our K–3 and K–6 teams each earned second place team trophies and our K–8 team earned a third-place team trophy.
  • At the State Chess Championships, our K–5 team was named State Champions, while our K–3 team earned fifth place, our K–8 team earned sixth place, and our K–6 team earned eighth place.
  • Our Mandarin students won first place overall in the Chinese Language Day competition at the Chinese Cultural Center. Mandarin students also performed for the Chinese New Year Celebration.
  • We were proud to induct dozens of fourth and fifth grade students into the National Elementary Honor Society based on their grades and commitment to community service.
  • Over 600 students in grades K–5 participated in our Fine Arts Performances in the fall and spring.
  • At the Tucson Festival of Books, one of our fourth-grade students was named a winner of the Young Author’s awards, and the Young Artist awards.
  • A fifth-grade student earned second place in the Arizona PBS Kids Writers Contest, writing on the topic of health and nutrition.
  • A fourth-grade student was named one of three winners in the Governor’s State Bookmark Design Contest.
  • Our school boasts of a fully equipped computer resource room. Our school adopted a computer adaptive literacy intervention program that students can work on at home or at school.

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11129 N. Oracle Rd.
Oro Valley, AZ 85737
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