Welcome to
BASIS Chandler Primary North!

At BASIS Chandler Primary – North Campus we take pride in our outstanding academic results and preparing students for the next steps in their educational journey. Since opening our doors in 2016 we have been committed to empowering students to achieve at globally competitive levels by providing a transformative K–4 education. Our students participate in a variety of national and international assessments in grades 3 and 4 and outrank their peers in the state, nation, and globally. This is achieved by teaching the foundations while cultivating a love of learning.

We provide a comprehensive curriculum designed to allow students to make connections across content. In addition to a rigorous math, science, and humanities curriculum our students enjoy Mandarin, music, performing arts, visual arts, drama, martial arts/PE, and engineering.

Each year we grow stronger as scholars, and closer as a community. At BASIS Chandler Primary North we host several community building events throughout the year to celebrate our diverse community. Our Puma Booster parent organization provides opportunities for parent involvement, engagement, and interaction. We encourage you to connect with our school community to learn more about life as a BASIS Chandler Primary North family.

School Highlights

  • Each year our school hosts an International Food Festival to celebrate the diversity of our school culture.
  • Sea World visits our school to discuss water conservation and protecting our wildlife. Students interact with a variety of animals, including kangaroos, otters, and raccoons.
  • We focus on socioemotional learning in addition to academics through our Second Step program.

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1800 E. Chandler Blvd.
Chandler, AZ 85225
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