A door-opening mark of distinction.

The BASIS Diploma prepares students to fully participate in the exciting and unpredictable world of the 21st Century. Students who earn this mark of distinction possess the best possible foundation as independent and resourceful problem solvers. Above all, their choices in colleges and careers are wide open. The job of BASIS.ed schools is to fully prepare them to succeed.

The scope and significance of the BASIS Diploma is determined by these practices:

  • In the 21st Century, opportunity is no longer confined to one spot on a map. That’s why we educate students based upon the highest GLOBAL standards, with winning admission to the best universities and competing in a global marketplace firmly in mind.
  • Founded by two economists, from our earliest days our schools have been committed to the smart, network-wide use of student performance data. We hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE for using the insights this data provides to improve learning outcomes.
  • Our students achieve MASTERY of the core academic disciplines and competencies, and then push themselves beyond. In our classrooms they face extraordinary challenges, but they also grow accustomed to the unwavering support of the faculty.
  • Our course of study is interconnected from Preschool to Senior Projects. Our curriculum is carefully calibrated so that across all subjects at every grade level, each year builds as INTERDISCIPLINARY preparation for challenges to come.
  • We use TECHNOLOGY to solve problems of scale, connect a network of schools into an integrated system with data-driven quality control and best practices, and to ensure that innovation is guided by our master teachers, not a centralized bureaucracy.
  • We create a culture in which diverse PERSPECTIVES are challenged and tested in an informed yet humbly collegial environment. As a learning community, we do not hide from conflict and struggle. We revel in it as a vital component in the maturation of our students and the evolution of their most deeply held convictions.