The BASIS.ed
Senior Projects 2018

The Senior Project at BASIS D.C. is a selective program that involves an off-campus research project or internship of the students’ choice and design. Students select a BASIS.ed faculty member as their advisor and work with a mentor at their selected research site. These projects may be completed anywhere in the world. At the end of the trimester, students return to campus and present an analysis of their findings to peers, staff, and parents.

BASIS D.C. is one of 13 BASIS Curriculum Schools participating in the 2018 BASIS.ed Senior Project Program. To view the details of a specific project, select a student below.

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Camryn T.

A Deeper Understanding of Type 2 Diabetes in Children

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Delvin G.

Effective Video Game Music

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Hannah D.

Adapting Classics for a Modern World

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Hellen K.

Measuring the Impact of Microloans on Financial Well-Being and Economic Development

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Hunter B.

Post-Professional Cerebrovascular Accident Rehabilitation

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Jonah K.

Creative Interpretation and Practical Uses of a Alcubierre Warp Drive Spacecraft

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