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BASIS San Antonio – Shavano Campus is in its first year, combining both the teachers and students from BASIS San Antonio Medical Center and BASIS San Antonio North Central into one 6–12 grades campus. BASIS San Antonio Shavano already has a tremendous head start on its path to achieve national rankings and academic prominence in Texas, the United States, and the world!

In the 2017–18 school year, BASIS San Antonio Shavano will graduate its first senior class of 32 students. These students will also complete Capstone courses and Senior Projects – a first for the BASIS Curriculum Schools network in the state of Texas. The entire community is looking forward to their success.

In the coming school year, BASIS San Antonio Shavano will get ready to transition from its temporary campus to its new state-of-the-art facility. The student body is already recognized as one of the highest performing cohorts as measured by the Texas STAAR assessments in Bexar county and across the 1,227 school districts in the state, exceeding district pass rates by double digits.

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School Highlights

  • Our AP students averaged a score of 3.35 out of 5 on 642 AP Exams taken.
  • We currently teach 104 AP Scholars from 2016–17, including eight National AP Scholars.
  • Our students won first, second, and third place awards in chemistry, engineering, behavioral sciences, and environmental sciences as well as the grade 6 grand prize and the first grand prize in physics at the Alamo Junior Academy of Sciences Science Fair.
  • Current Shavano students won Broadcom Masters Certificates, overall fair awards, and grand awards, including scholarships, at the Alamo Regional Science Fair.
  • At the state science fair, our students won first place in both computer system software and biochemistry, as well as second place overall in all 12 physical science categories.
  • Our students won the Better Business Bureau “Laws of Life” essay contest and the Texas Charter League’s grades 6–8 Arts Festival Creative Writing Competition.
  • The varsity softball team won the state championship.
  • Volleyball, soccer, and basketball teams won multiple regional championships.