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One of the newest charter primary schools in the BASIS Curriculum Schools network, BASIS San Antonio Primary- North Central Campus opened its doors to nearly 670 students in grades K–5 in late August. The campus will feed into BASIS San Antonio Shavano for grades 6–12.

Throughout the summer, the campus underwent extensive renovations to prepare for the incoming primary students. Three new playgrounds were added to the campus – two outdoor playgrounds and an indoor imagination playground.

A second multipurpose (MPR) room was also added to support the increased student body. In addition to serving as an extra lunchroom, the new MPR is as a space for teachers to facilitate their connections classes. This space allows for students and teachers to imagine creatively while engaging in integrated, interdisciplinary, thematic, standards-based projects.

Among the most exciting renovations to the campus was the work completed on the theater. The theater can now be transformed into a martial arts studio where our resident sensei instructs students in the discipline of the Hayashi-Ha Shito-Ryu style of traditional Karate.

To support the K–5 students at the newly renovated facility, BASIS San Antonio Primary North Central hired 65 new staff and teachers. During the past several months, the team has implemented several academic and character education programs to prepare students to act inspirationally and to contribute respectfully. Together, the team at BASIS San Antonio Primary North Central continuously anticipates next steps in serving the community through excellence in education, professionalism in teaching, and family engagement.

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