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BASIS Curriculum Schools offer students something no other American public school does: An education that prepares them according to the highest, most rigorous international standards. Our schools have been ranked consistently among the best schools in the United States – and the world – and we are honored to start our primary program here in Texas.

In our K–4 program, students are not just taught content, but the necessary skills of organization, time management, and study habits. BASIS primary schools are revolutionizing early education with its collaborative model of instruction. Our two-teacher model allows our educators to design and deliver high-quality material to all students in the classroom. The curriculum includes a wide array of classes ranging from Humanities and Math/Science to Mandarin, Physical Education (both traditional and Martial Arts), Music, Drama, Engineering, and Art.

The BASIS legacy schools in Scottsdale and Tucson are consistently recognized as having some of the finest high school programs in the country and have been highly ranked by U.S. News and World Report, Newsweek, and The Washington Post. Students take honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses as early as 8th grade. These College Board courses and exams are now recognized and valued by more than 90 percent of the universities and colleges in the country, as well as many prestigious universities overseas. Our primary schools prepare students for the renowned rigor of our upper school program.

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