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BASIS Oro Valley Primary!

Since first opening in 2014, BASIS Oro Valley Primary has far exceeded standards set by other primary schools throughout the country. Each day, students engage in hands-on, dynamic lessons using a rigorous curriculum with real-world applications.

The school emphasizes tolerance and understanding by incorporating social and emotional growth objectives into lessons on a weekly basis. Our hard-working and dedicated faculty and staff lead by example to instill the school’s foundational values into every aspect of the day.

We recognize the importance of unstructured play and group work in helping students learn to advocate for themselves and their ideas in compassionate ways. Students also have plenty of opportunities for independent practice with concepts to ensure comprehension. Resiliency is taught through example and by helping students learn from their mistakes.

Most importantly, we understand children are young, have missteps, do not always learn linearly, and make our jobs incredibly rewarding. We can’t wait to see what the future brings to BASIS Oro Valley Primary!

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11129 N. Oracle Road
Oro Valley, AZ 85737
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School Highlights

  • At the Arizona State Chess Championships held in Flagstaff, the K–3 team won the second place trophy, the K–5 team was first place co-champions with BASIS Tucson (but we were able to grab the first place trophy on tie breaks), the K–8 team grabbed the third place trophy.
  • A grade 5 student won third place in the Southern Arizona Regional Science Fair in his category for the “Environmental Science for Elementary Division,” along with a special award – honorable mention from the Arizona Hydrological Society.
  • Five students competed in the state Math League competition, with one of our students earning second place for the grade 4 level and an invitation to the national competition.
  • Our Mandarin teams earned us second place overall and third place for elementary students in Chinese drama at the Chinese Cultural Center competition. One of our teams also earned first place in the intermediate level category, and our school earned second place overall. The competition included high school level Mandarin students.
  • Our school a new computer resource room and adopted a literacy intervention program that students can work on at home or at school.