Designed to challenge

The program at BASIS Goodyear Primary provides a revolutionary, comprehensive Liberal Arts curriculum.

Our courses of study are designed to challenge and inspire; students become scientists, artists, writers, mathematicians, linguists, computer scientists and engineers. Even in the youngest grades, the BASIS.ed curriculum is designed to help students establish a deep foundation of disciplinary knowledge to fuel critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.

In every grade, teachers focus on the development of two fundamental competencies: the organization of complex tasks and the productive management of students’ limited time. Great teachers ignite students’ desire to surmount challenges; to master complex tasks and concepts; to establish the habits of disciplined, critical enquiry; and to develop a passion for lifelong learning.

The unique curriculum at BASIS Goodyear Primary offers the type of education students receive in top-performing school systems around the world – the type of education American students need to fully participate and lead in the global economy. It is rigorous and accelerated, yet complemented by full support from knowledgeable and caring faculty.

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BASIS Senior Projects

The Senior Projects at BASIS Curriculum Schools is a selective program that involves an off-campus research project or internship of the students’ choice and design.

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