Take advantage of summer opportunities

Many students take advantage of summer opportunities at BASIS Chandler. Depending on availability, students may register for courses in athletics, academics, or activities such as chess or robotics. Contact us for more details.

BASIS Chandler students in gym class

BOSS Program

BOSS Camp stands for BASIS Organizational and Study Skills. This course is designed to help prepare students for BASIS Lower School by teaching them organizational techniques, note taking skills, acquainting them with their school environment, and much more. BOSS will develop academic abilities by focusing on time management, classroom preparation, and study skills to equip students with the confidence and skills for success. Students will work with a BASIS teacher, make new friends, participate in collaborative activities, learn to write in a Communication Journal (CJ), and learn locker routines, as well as procedures to help them become successful BASIS students. This three hour event for 4 days will give your child a snapshot of what being a BASIS student is like with their very own BASIS Chandler teacher.

BASIS Chandler math teacher in class

Math Camp

The Summer Math Program offers basic operations with integers and signed rational numbers, finding the LCM GCF, order of operations, expressions, equations, graphs, geometric concepts, statistics, probability, ratios, proportions, percent, area, surface area, volume, formulas and problem solving. The course presentation includes, the “I do, we do, you do” model and the Saxon methodology. This is an enrichment program of previously acquired concepts. This Summer Math Program should provide our students a thorough review of selected topics, and prepare them for the upcoming sixth grade Pre-Algebra course.